Drowning in Clutter

I had planned today to clean up and organize the bookcase we use for our DVDs and gaming consoles.  That project has expanded to dusting and straightening up the whole living room.

I’ve come to the realization that the accumulation of “stuff” is an attempt at filling some need we have on a deeper level. Maybe that’s not news to anyone, but I’ve been floored by the idea!

I can’t say exactly in the past what need I’ve been trying to fill, but now I recognize that it doesn’t work, no matter what marketing and ad companies say.  I won’t be happier with product X, or live life more fully with product Y.

I believe appreciation & gratitude is the best place to start at filling that need.  If you are grateful and appreciate what you have, in the present, you don’t have the desire to accumulate stuff.

I’m developing a whole new outlook on things!

About gentlesoularts

A 40-something working mom of 3, happily married, wanting to find a quiet spot to art, burn incense & do some yoga.

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