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I decided last month I’d do a monthly blog of those that have inspired me on my progress of creativity.   It was hard to figure out who I would start with, but then I thought “Begin at the beginning” … but where IS the beginning?  I’ve created my whole life, but one instance started me on the path I’m on now.

In January (2009/2010) my husband & I went to Half Price Books and I picked up Danny Gregory’s The Creative License.  I browsed through it, enamored with the basic sketches, ink & watercolor, of simple everyday  things in life.   I purchased it and decided I’d start drawing.

I’ve tried drawing in the past, taking courses in art & calligraphy in college.  Like many, I had a less than empowering instructor, and I recall a simple still life with various bottles.  I honestly thought I did well, I was proud of my drawing.  My instructor failed my drawing (if I recall it was a pass / fail course – no actual grades) and when I asked why she said “You didn’t SEE the still life”   Uh, yeah, I was looking at it when I was sketching it … Looking yes, but not SEEING.    She failed me in not explaining how to see instead of how to look.

But Danny’s book gives gentle guidance and exercises in learning how to see.  The first few months after reading the book, I would become fascinated by the shape of negative space in a bridge, or the way light & shadow would fall across an object, and the way that light changed at various times.  I had begun to see.

He also likes drawing to driving a car.  When we first start, we’re awkward. We brake too soon, too hard, too late.  We take corners sharp or pull out in front of traffic, not yet recognizing how much ground a moving car could travel in a given time.  But with Practice, it becomes easier and almost second nature.  Anyone and EVERYONE can draw.

About gentlesoularts

A 40-something working mom of 3, happily married, wanting to find a quiet spot to art, burn incense & do some yoga.

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